Why not UConnect?

Now you can work remotely just as well (or even better) than you did in the office.

It’s easier, with UConnect, to stay securely connected anywhere, anytime.

You will experience superior performance from all of your connections with the help of Speed Fusion.

UConnect is highly reliable in its ability to deliver portable connectivity to workers, be they office workers, hospitality and retail staff, to event and production coordinators.

Get remote working ready with UConnect

2020 has really shown everyone the capacity for many office staff and professional services personnel to work from home.

It was a quick shake-up though, and many employers and employees were not ready, with systems not quite there to ensure employees, processes and technology remained efficient.

The good news? Now you can start to or continue to work remotely with UConnect.

There’s so many reasons why people are turning to and loving UConnect.

So much is possible with UConnect by your side.

The Benefits your business and customers will love

Solving Your Problems Every Time

Are you an IT manager struggling to find the answer to streamlined workplace information technology? Look no further than UConnect.

You probably struggled to ensure your team had access to secure and reliable internet at home and all the cloud-based data systems to keep everything running smoothly.

You may have got there in the end, or perhaps it was all too hard to manage externally.

UConnect is the box that solves all the data and internet problems that may arise from remote working.


  • One box per employee (fact check)
  • The simple solution for working away from the office
  • Easy to use for all levels of key staff
  • A set and forget solution for out of office connectivity

You’d have only wished this technology existed sooner! Life as an IT manager or IT support worker is made easier with a little helping hand from UConnect.

Making Remote Access Reliable

Now that UConnect is here you can say goodbye to working systems that aren’t viable for the long-term and aren’t optimised for every member of a team.

All relevant workers now can easily connect to the work data system with harmonious on-demand connectivity anywhere across Australia.

The UConnect Features You Will Love

  • Quad 4G LTE Mobile Solution

    The power of 4G will consistently exceed your connectivity needs. Better yet? It’s ready to be upgraded to 5G whenever you are ready to make the leap.

  • Plug and Play Connectivity with No Set Up Required

    Instant Wi-Fi and cable internet access is simple – just plug into a power source to get started.

  • SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding and Seamless Failover

    Our technology is super-fast to keep you satisfied.

  • Quad Embedded Cellular and Redundant SIM Slots

    This enables you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data coverage protection and to limit blind spots.

  • More Than What’s on the Inside

    UConnect boasts an incredibly tough exterior the box is durable, waterproof, dust-proof and can be locked for added protection.

  • Location management

    The built-in GPS technology with UConnect ensures a highly trackable, cloud-based management system. You will always be able to keep tabs on your UConnect location.

  • Designed by Experts for Everyday Use

    Just because our technology is high-tech, doesn’t mean you have to have above average tech skills to operate UConnect.

    UConnect is highly accessible to everyone with great ease-of-use.

    If you’re ready and willing to work remotely, UConnect is what you need to achieve this smoothly.

Re-thinking Intelligent Security and
Easy Connection Solutions

Don’t just read about the benefits of UConnect, start living them in your work locations.

Ready to experience the benefits for yourself?

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