Why Choose Us

Welcome to UConnect – The first choice of your temporary & portable internet needs.

  • Australian Owned & Operated since 2016.

  • Live onshore support during your event no matter the time of day!

  • More data inclusions than any of our competitors & with built in data alerts to prevent bill shock.

  • Most competitive pricing in the industry.

  • Powerful bonded internet with 100% uptime.

  • Multiple premium products to suit any customers needs with up to 400 simultaneous users.

  • Our ruggedised cases (IP65 rated) make our devices portable for any occasion or terrain.

  • Same day shipping on all our Plug & Play devices.

How it works

  • Order online and select the package best suited to your needs.
  • UConnect dispatched the same day. Plug & Play
  • Plug into a power source and you are ready to go!

Speak to our Australian-based team of IT network experts to get you connected and keep you connected – It is that simple with UConnect.